Sunday, August 19, 2007

Break Time....

I've been outside pulling weeds along the front by the's HOT and MUGGY out there!!! Time for a nice big glass of ice tea. Still not finished, but, I had to take a breather. I want to get the weeds done, so hubby can mow it and hopefully, have time to spray some weed killer on it. It's an embarrasing mess out there, ever since the irrigation ditch made such a mess out it a couple years ago, when a headgate was closed when we had 1 1/2" of rain in a hour! Poor hubby just doesn't have the time for anything anymore!!! He got in about 6:15 Saturday and will leave again about the same time unless I can get him out the door at 5:00, which is the 'projected' time for lift off.....but, he's NEVER on time. (He was late for our wedding 32 years ago and it hasn't changed since! It drives me *CRAZY*!)

I would much rather be sitting out front for a spell, but, it's time to get busy out there again. Then, I need to get some supper fixed and get him packed up and out the door. All these long work hours (58+) in the hot, muggy heat down there is taking a toll on him---did I say grouchy? And, I am grouchy, because I'm feeling 'neglected'.
I will be staying home this week, trying to get things caught back up around here and I imagine I'll be on the phone fighting for a re-instatemnt for MIL's long term care case......I don't even want to think about that.

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