Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary ?

Well, 18 years ago, we bought this house! Our first house. We'd lived in apartments, and then, our own travel trailers for way too many years! 9 years to be exact, of trailer living/moving. I remember counting the weeks, every time I made the bed in the first trailer we lived in--an immacule 1978 32' Coachman 5th wheel was the first we bought in Nebraska, in 1980. I got to where I hated that thing.....someday I'll put some pictures up of the trailers we've lived in. We just bought our 6th little trailer a few weeks ago, but, that one is for 'camping'! We bought a really nice 32' Keystone Mountaineer last August, so, I could spend more time with hubby----that thing is just like a small apartment.

But, this is home! I still love this house, the layout, the yard and the subdivision... We had a nightmare when we first bought it. It was a brand spanking new home, but, the builder was a jerk. We went round and round for about a year and a half, when it all ended with us getting $15,000 from the Registrar of Contractor's and the builder lost his license and bond. We fixed the things we really needed to and put the rest back into the house. We enclosed the carport---mixing cement by hand and leveling the floor up ourselves. Then, we built on a 2 car garage. We eventually had to have vinyl siding put on and a metal roof. Then, we did the landscaping and vinyl fencing. A lot of work, but, worth it. I am so bummed that I couldn't find any pictures of when we first bought it.....I am beginning to think that I hadn't even taken any......
Happy Anniversary Home!

On another was another day of pure torment getting all the paperwork together AGAIN today for Mother-in-laws Long Term Care case. Most everything is ok, except to finish up with the first house sale that we are doing on our own. If a realtor sold it, they would get any of the profit, so, the little bit of profit will just have to go towards her care bill to this point.
I did take a break and went to the next town over to sign up a lady to sell AVON. She sold for 28 years and took a year off..she was a top seller on the Navajo Reservation, so, I think she'll do great again.

I think the stress level today was about an 8 1/2. Wonder what the blood pressure says.....Time for a shower and some crocheting.....

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