Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Earth

I've been hearing Oprah talk about this book thing she's doing, so, I ordered the book last week. Dang! I can't believe it took so long to deliver! It took one whole week....impatient or what?
I ran to the Post Office before they closed this afternoon and it was there, thank goodness. I wanted to read the first chapter before the webinar started this evening. *What a joke! I finally turned it off, it kept cutting out so much, I hope I can get to watch it online tomorrow.* I sat outside, in the last remnants of the warm sunshine of the day, with a glass of wine, some chocolates and read the first chapter. WOW!!!! I felt blown away within the first 2-3 pages! What a great concept! That whole flower and stone/precious metal and bird thing got me good! I am at a place in my life *it sucks* where I am searching for the happiness and meaning of my life. I believe in God and pray and have faith, but, I know I'm missing something.....I hope this book helps me to understand more.

Well, I am really surprised at how my Dad's death has hit me. I find myself in tears often. I think of things all the time, that I wish I would have asked him. I get mad at him, I get mad at myself and I cry.... Most of my thoughts are good ones, tho. There is just soooo much 'stuff' going on in my world right now. I think I'm having a hard time maintaining on any level, these days. I feel pretty close to losing it...ALOT. I'm hoping that the words in the book will help me to see what the hell it is I'm here to do. I can't believe at this stage in my life that I am so confused. I hate it! Is it menopause? Is it what happens when we get older? Or, is it just ME? I know I've been on a horrendous level of stress for the past 5 years.....HORRIBLE!!! I think it's getting to me.

I guess I better get my shower and crochet for a bit before I go to bed. I may re-read the first chapter again, too. I'm pretty tired tonight, tho, so, I might not do anything but crash!

count your blessings...

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Laura said...

I got my book yesterday, and I am listening to Monday's "webinar" today! I am a little behind but CAN'T WAIT!!!
Oh, this song was my grandmother's favorite!!! What a joy to hear it on your site! Thanks!!! (What a wonderful world!)
Maybe we can stay in touch about "a new world"!