Thursday, March 6, 2008

feeling blessed...

Ok, so, this is gonna sound really hokey, but, I was just visiting Michelle's blog and she's trying to learn to crochet. She's actually trying to teach herself. So, this made me feel so thankful and blessed to be able to crochet.
Crocheting is a big part of me! I swear I would be a bigger basket case if I DIDN'T crochet! LOL When I am stressed out *hmmmmm, have you noticed how much crocheting I've been doing the past while*, I sometimes feel that I HAVE to sit down and crochet. I feel like it helps unravel my mind and calms me. I NEVER get into a vehicle for a drive *even just for a 45 minute trip to Walmart* without some kind of crocheting project.
So, let me tell you a story.....
When I was growing up in Iowa, we used to go to our relatives on Sundays. I had two aunts and uncles, my dads brothers, that lived close, with one house in between theirs *one of those uncles was married to my moms sister*. Just across the alley was Bob and Helen. They were an 'older' couple with no children of their own. They loved kids, tho and their backyard had all kinds of things for the neighborhood kids to visit and play on. It was a wonderful place and I remember spending many Sunday afternoons in their backyard with all my cousins and some of the neighbor kids. On most Saturday nights, Bob and Helen loaded up their pickup camper with any of the kids that wanted to go with them to the Roller Skating Rink! Oh, it was a ball! Since, I had 3 younger brothers, it was a real treat for me to get away on my own...I felt so 'big'! Plus, I was out late!
One Sunday, Helen told me to bring one of my moms old nightgowns next time, for material, and she'd show me how to crochet! I remember I had one of moms nylon/polyester-type gowns that Helen showed me how to rip into strips and she showed me the fundamentals of crochet. I'll never forget her for that! I think I was about 9 or 10 at the time. I never did much with it until I was pregnant with my oldest. I went to town! I made afghans for him, my BIL/SIL, and a baby set for their preemie daughter. I've pretty much crocheted since then. One year I made 9 afghans for gifts and I'm always making doilies and cute little thread things.
Last year, I wrote a poem that I give to the recipient of my large table centerpiece doilies. *note to self, I need to copyright that*
I just thought of another crochet story.... I remember, growing up, my mom had these awesome pink and white variegated, ruffled doilies under the 2 matching end table lamps in the living room. I thought they were 'silly' and ugly, when I was young... I think I was the stoopid one, tho. My mom got the biggest kick out of the time *when I got into crocheting again* and I asked her if she had a pattern for those silly, old pink and white, ruffled doilies! HA! She didn't have a pattern, but, she did something even better....she gave me one of them! *'nother note to self, I need to repair it and starch it and USE it* My mom did do some crocheting, altho, I'm sure if she'd tried to teach me, it wouldn't have worked. My maternal grandma did alot of embrodiery, and I still have a set of embroidered pillowcases stuck back somewhere.
Last fall, when I was cleaning and going through my MIL's house, after she left for the nursing home, I found a box of her crocheting thread and a bunch of her crochet hooks! The hooks are very small, metal ones and I'm sure I won't use them -- how the heck did people use them in the poor lighting they had way back when? There is one rather fancy hook that is made out of bone or celluloid. That one is very special to me.
I love to watch other people crochet, altho, that doesn't happen often, at all. Everyone seems to hold the hook differently.
Several years ago, when knitting became a big rage with many younger women *sorry, but, I don't like knitting--now, that seems HARD to me*. There was, and still might be, a crusade to pass the art of crocheting onto someone, to basically, keep the dying art of crocheting going. I don't think we need to worry about that happening, tho. hehehehe
count your blessings...


Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
My sister has been knitting and crotheting for years. She has made some real cute throws for all of us. Hope you are having a great weekend.
Hugs, Dru

momraising5boyz said...

Hey you!! Now I wonder who the recipient of the big doilie and poem where? *wink* Loved this one!! Love all the pics too!!

Kari Womack said...


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