Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where's that money tree when you need it???

Well, my 'Money Diet' didn't go too well last month, it didn't go too bad, tho, either. With all that happened last month, I kinda didn't care...
Thank goodness I am working a few days this month at the LSS. I HAVE to save that money tho, to repay my credit card for Jeffrey's flight and my Stampin' Up order. Oh, and my New Earth book and my Stampin Up retreat fees.....
My kids used to be able to find that 'money tree', so, I sure wish it would show up for me! LOL
Ive got my eye on a Cuttlebug and some embossing folders from Jo-Annes, while the sale is on at their online website. THEN, I am involved with another online group about stamping, and, the big rage is the new, I gotta have one of those, too.
I guess the good news about all of this is that it can be considered a tax deduction.....right???? hehehe
I suppose I could consider them an early birthday present to myself, too, huh?

I'm busy tidying up my AVON order and reading email. I really need to get busy getting a box of AVON returns ready--hey! There's some money right there! Off my AVON bill, anyway. More for in my pocket, tho.

It's been awhile since I did a Tip of the Day, so, here goes...
It's that time of the year when my fingertip/cuticle areas get dry and crack. There's not much worse than a bothersome finger crack! UGH
I take care of them with a coating of clear fingernail polish or you can also use Crazy Glue. It will sting like heck for a minute or two, but, it will help protect it from getting bumped open, so, it can heal.

Speaking of clear fingernail polish.....
I also use it to cover the screws in my eyeglasses, to keep the screws from loosening and the lens falling out.

count your blessings...

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