Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm back...been back since Tuesday evening, just haven't felt like writing this all out. I'm going to bring this up to date, but, first, I want to say thank you to all of you that have responded to me, extending your thoughts and prayers. I so appreciate that!!!

Mom wanted to know if I wanted to view Dad's body on Friday, with her and my two younger brothers. I didn't. I wanted to remember Dad from the nice visit we all had in October. He hadn't been showering or shaving and I chose not to go get in the way when he was sick. It's a good thing I chose to stay home that day, because I ended up calling the Red Cross to a request through to the Air Force, that I wanted my son home for this funeral....and finally, at the last minute on Friday, they granted his leave. Then, I found a flight for him and got to save $73 for military discount...thank you US Airways!
I got to Moms about 5 p.m. Saturday, not knowing what I was going to get into since, we've had a family 'mess' for the past 3 or 4 years. It turned out to be just my mom and 2 brothers all evening. And, it turned out alright.
Sunday, was a real busy day. I took mom to the grocery store early, to get stuff for a huge batch of green chili we made that afternoon, for our supper and for the potluck the next evening. I ended up getting enough flowers for 3 arragements, since no flower shop in town to speak of and it wasn't even open. I did a white daisy and daffodil one from the Grandkids, a red rose and white lily one from us kids and a peach rose with mixed oranges and purples from mom. (I am so glad I did them, because there were few flowers or plants. Mom had requested donations to Hospice and she also received alot of checks from people.)
I took her out to the cemetary to see how the boys had weeded and cleaned the family plots where my younger brother, a great uncle and my maternal grandparents are, so, she knew it would look nice for the burial service the next day.
Later that afternoon, her brother from El Paso got there, as well as my sister-in-law and 2 kids. Bishop had left home for Phoenix that morning, to get Jeffrey at the airport and they arrived about 9:30 p.m.
Sunday, we were busy again, getting the photo collages all ready, as well as breakfast and a light sandwich lunch. The service was at 2 at the mortuary, but, we went before noon to drop off the flowers. When I went into the seating area, I almost lost it when I saw the urn for was real to me, at that point. I'm glad the mortician's wife grabbed the flowers from me.
When we came back for the service, the room was packed! The Hospice pastor did a great job speaking, then, he had people that wanted to, stand up and share a memory or anything about Dad. When that was over, my oldest younger brother read a paper of thoughts/rememberances of Dad...his wit kept it upbeat. I think the whole place lost it though, when our youngest son, Jeffrey, who was dressed in his Air Force dress blues, was called to the front where he was handed the folded US flag that he walked over and presented to his tears me up everything I was a very sweet, special moment to remember always.
We had a short service at the cemetary and then, we all met up at the CattleRest just outside of town. It's a small bar, that friends of my mom and dads own. The parking lot was so full, I thought they had something going on inside, but, it was all for Dad....
It was a great turnout and just a special time. Mom did very well through it all. She was so afraid of making a mess of herself, but, she handled it all well. We all got home about 6:30/7 p.m. and just spent the evening all together at home. It was all good.
Tuesday, everyone left sporadically. My oldest younger brother, had just moved back to town in December and was staying with them until he could get a house's a blessing that he never bought a house yet.
Jeffrey and I left arounc 12:30. I took him to Phoenix to meet up with his buddy, where he would spend the night with him and then, get to the airport the next day. It sucked! I always hate saying goodbye and I was a weepy mess, and you know how hard it is to keep it bottled up... I do not drive in Phoenix EVER and I was worried sick about that, too! And, rush hour at that! He is so impatient with me sometimes (I hope it's just his age) and that wasn't helping at all. We parted about 4:30. Do you know how crappy it was crying my eyes out and 'trying' to drive in rush hour traffic? UGH I got in the wrong lane twice and it took about 45 minutes to finally get to the edge of town, where I could finally breath! 16 lanes of traffic sucks!!! I finally got home about 8:30 p.m.
I will post some pics and say goodbye...

count your blessings...


Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
You know I know how you feel. I was in WG when my Dad passed away 4 years ago March 13th. You are in thoughts.
Hugs, Dru

Storm said...

Awww Sherry! Sending many hugs your way.