Friday, February 1, 2008

Money Diet.....

Ok, I've been contemplating this for awhile. I've read on others blogs about them doing it, so, I decided to try it, too.
As I clean and such around the house, I see I have wasted ALOT of money *thank God hubby doesn't read blogs* ALOT on stuff I/we don't really need. The older I get, the more I am becoming aware of the fact, that when I am gone, no one is gonna give a crap about my/our 'stuff'. So, I have been making a major effort for about the past year of not buying on a whim, like I usually do. Alot of times, I will stand with the item in my hands or basket, considering if I want or NEED it. Sometimes, I will even go around the store with it 'in my possession' like I DO own it. Then, when I've made the final want/need decision, I either take it back or buy it. More and more, I'm finding I just put it back immediately. It has gotten easier and easier to walk away and I do feel better about it all.
SO.....this month, I am going to REALLY bite the bullet and NOT BUY. I will buy an occasional few groceries like produce, bread and milk, but, no sale shopping or unnecessary 'stuff'. I do have a few things I am already committed to, but, overall NO SPENDING other than normal bills. I'll see how it goes. This will really be a new concept for me.
Today, I spent -0-. I did go to the store, but, I put back what I had in my hand. One 75¢ bag of chocolate chips. I 'really' don't need more and they wouldn't take a coupon for it anyway, because it was a store 'thing'. (Oh, I remembered I did stop by the scrap store and picked up an order I had already placed and didn't get it in January. I don't consider that a February expenditure, tho.)
....wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.


Storm said...

Good luck Sherry! I have this problem when it comes to buying graphics but I've become better about it. :)

Martha said...

You can do it. It's a habit I think spending too much money. Since I don't work we stay on a pretty good budget. When we go out to eat at Outback, Applebees ect. I always think and usually say to Ray just think of all the gallons of milk I could have bought with that money. We got in credit card trouble when we were younger and learned our lesson.