Friday, February 1, 2008

Catch Up

I've been missing again......I just can't believe how fast the week flew by! I had every intention of posting..even taking pics, but, I am so tired after supper, that I just read a few emails and shut the puter off.....last night I was in bed before 10 and slept soundly all night....without a midnight potty run even....until 8:15. I didn't hear hubby come to bed or get up this morning.

Anyway, here's some pics from the week.....
Beautiful, red tulips! They splayed open and looked like daisies or something. I will plant the bulbs in my front flower bed.
My hyacinths!!! OH, how wonderful they smell! And, I love to see how fast they grow! ...more bulbs for the flower bed, too!
I finished another afghan. I just LOVE this pattern, it's so quick and easy. I like the no-brainer, repetious type of patterns, so, I can do them without looking at a pattern all the time. I have enough of this same yarn to do another one, but, I'm holding off on that for a bit. I want to start a rose square one next. In the meantime, I'm doing some little doilies with some #30 crochet thread, which is about like sewing thread. They turn out so cute and delicate. I like to give them away and send alot in the mail, too. I also found a fun thing online...Snowflake Monday. So, on Mondays, I'll be making 2 or 3 snowflakes, so, at the holiday season, I'll have lots of them ready to give.
Tuesday, I picked up my window can't see how cute the lips are in this pic. I'll have to take another one to show up better. Don't mind my dirty van, I knew the storm was coming and there would be no sense in washing it. *Notice my red, white and blue license plate. I bought that at the MVD. I love it! AND, now that I think of it, I haven't seen another one like it yet!
Wednesday, we got SNOW! I was beginning to get bummed out, thinking the snow missed us again. But, about 12:30, it started snowing hard and sticking. We ended up with about 5" on the ground. I had Avon to deliver, so, I did until the roads got TOO bad. Yucky, slick, and scary, plus, it was like a whiteout, all snowy and foggy. So, I came home and made some YUMMY Cinnamon Rolls....DE-licious!!! I have only made homemade cinnamon rolls twice before, so, I was really proud of these! I don't think I'll wait so long to make them again. I've been baking and cooking alot since hubby came home. I am loving it!

Yesterday, when I went to Safeway, they had Nestle's Chocolate Chip bags marked down to 75¢, so, picked up 8 bags of them....I couldn't pass that bargain up. Today, I made chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious AND soft...when they were warm! #1 son got one out of the cookie jar an hour after I had made them and said they were hard as a rock!!!! CRAP!!!! Please someone, send me a recipe for SOFT chocolate chip cookies!!! I thought these would be great! They were a new recipe from the Blue Bonnet margarine box, they stayed nice and puffy, so, I thought they would be soft, but, nope...they are dunkers for sure!
I have another post to share, but, for now I'll leave my
When cutting cinnamon rolls into slices to bake, use dental floss. Slide it underneath and pull it though. Clean as a whistle! Using a knife to slice the dough will cause it to squish and flatten the slice.
count your blessings...

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Storm said...

Wow you've been busy! I love the flowers, so pretty and of course the cinnamon rolls are making me hungry.