Thursday, February 14, 2008 passed away today

How do you say it? There's no nice way of putting it.
We knew it was coming and he was ready to go. He'd pretty much 'quit' many years ago.
He'd been sick since about the first of the year...that anyone knew about or that he let on about. He was adamantly against any doctoring, so, he was at home the whole time. Mom finally took his keys away the first of the week and cajoled him into going for a ride....and took him up to the dr. office. A friend of my moms and my mom went to see if the doctor made house visits, and a CNP came out and talked to dad and took his non-existant oxygen level with the finger thingy....evidentally she could tell he was sick enough that that little 'visit' in the parking lot was enough to be able to get hospice involved.
They started coming in Wednesday and surprisingly Dad was very co-operative with them. Yesterday, she bathed and shaved him and clipped his toenails, and changed his bedsheets. She told mom he was getting 'markings' meaning he was showing signs of his body shutting down. They had gotten him on oxygen Tuesday or Wednesday, but, it wasn't staying in with his sleeping positions.
Mom checked on him this morning at 8 a.m. and he had tried to get up to go potty and just couldn't. His feet were on the floor, but, he just flopped back onto the bed. She called the hospice ladies right away and one of them was there within 5 minutes. The last thing he said to mom was 'I won't be here much longer'...he slipped away about 11 a.m., peacefully, in no pain and he had been in control of his own situation. So, there are blessings there.....
Now, to get through the rest of it...
I ask for your prayers.

count your blessings...


Stampingcaz said...

I am so so sorry. I lost my beloved Dad on 12th December, I still pritty much cry daily. Miss him so much. SO I am sending you a HUGE HUGE hug.

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Stampingcaz said...

Hi there
Me again!! Its a new one that they would have unvieled at CHA, its called Q140 Bee Journal and Stampendous already have a range of cute bees you might want to check out :)

Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
It is good that he was at home and went so peacefully.