Monday, February 4, 2008


WooHoo! We got 8+ inches of snow today!!! I am lovin' it! The picture was taken before noon, but, it snowed til about 4:30. Snow just makes me happy! Growing up in Iowa, I've always loved it.
Hubby and I went to Show Low to get a couple of faucets we needed to replace, on Saturday. We went 'over the mountain' *elevation 9210*, and we were surprised to see so much snow! I don't think we've ever seen so much snow piled that high along the highway, and we've lived here for over 18 years. It was almost as high as my van in a couple looked like a couple of feet on the ground. LOVE IT! I just kept thinking how nice it's going to be for picinking in the will be so green and the streams and creeks will all be running.

As far as the MONEY DIET goes....the faucets were an exempt expenditure. We did stop at Walmart for gas and groceries that I had already had a list for the next trip to Walmart. And, we did stop at my favorite Mexican food restaurant for dinner. We hadn't ate out since we were at the trailer in Safford, for Thanksgiving. I did buy milk Sunday, 2 for $4. So, I'm doing alright, no worries.

Sunday, I watched the commercial Super Bowl. I don't watch football, but, once a year I like to watch the SB. It was a good game, I'll admit. LOVED the favorite was the Planters nut, Tide talking stain, Pepsi Max, E-trade baby and of course, the training Clydesdale. You can go to ::HERE:: to watch all the commercials.

I am going to cut this short so I can get a couple snowflakes done for 'Snowflake Monday', before I hit the sack.

count your blessings.....


Katie Skiff said...

Hi Sherry, Just wanted to let you know I'll being doing Tech. Tuesdays each week...I am teaching my SIL via the blog too! LOL...

I am loving the snow...looks like that here too!!!

Martha said...

It's so pretty. I wish we would get some snow like that! Just one good time. Instead we get disinterest tornado weather. That boobie picture you sent was funny and gross. I forwarded it to a couple people. LOL we’re sick o’s.