Thursday, April 9, 2009

some of my lastest crochet projects...

When I went to moms, I showed her an easy potholder project, to give her something to do. I love making these potholders. Quick, easy, no-brainers! Gotta love stuff like that sometimes. The 2 dishcloths are for a swap I am mailing out. I love the fun colors of these projects.
We woke up to a bit of snow this morning! WTH? Crazy weather...I just hope this cold stuff doesn't kill off all the fruit this year. It was so windy yesterday, it blew a lil storm in. We are supposed to have something else showing up this weekend. I think hubby and I will just hang around the house this Easter weekend. He's pretty tired and wore out from working so much...thank you, Lord, that he has a job! His elbow is almost blown out and he flashed his own eyes day before yesterday. He NEVER does that, so, I think he's just been working a bit too much! Poor guy...50/60 hours a week is a bit much. The money is nice, but, at what cost?
I guess I'll finish up my 'puttering' (tell me you putter, too!) and deliver a bit of AVON, then, come home and make myself a birthday cake. WooHoo! I miss having my kids around. Jeffrey used to always surprise me with something...usually, he'd have some kind of decoration around, and he would have my coffee cup, spoon and all set out on the counter all nice for me. He did call me first thing yesterday wish me a Happy Birthday. It almost made me cry. #1 son probably has lost track of the days, and he doesn't have very good phone service. He'll remember when he sees me tho. Hubby called from 10 minutes to 5...he wanted to know if I wanted to go out for supper, but, we decided to wait and see what the weekend brings. I'm not a huge fan of eating out, so, that's fine by me.
count your blessings...

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Reddirt Woman said...

Happy late Birthday to Yooooouuuu!

You can pretend you are hearing me sing and put your hands over your ears if you want.

And I do putter around... I just never thought about 'enclosing' my puttering.

Love your colorful dishcloths and hot pads.

Thanks for sharing, Sherrybee.