Monday, March 2, 2009

I suppose I should play catch up...

WOW! Another week gone by and here it is March!
My tooth mess is all better, altho, my chin is STILL a bit numb. Last Tuesday, I took #1 son over to Show Low and we spent the day doing some errands he had to take care of. We got alot accomplished. He had gotten his income tax money back, so, he came home BROKE! LOL He got to spend some money on himself for a change, too, and I could tell it made him feel good. We had a real nice lunch at a nice Mexican food place. Went to Walmart... When I took him home, he had me come in and meet the owner of the house he is staying at. We had a real nice visit, for about an hour! I'm glad I got to spend the day with him...he's such a good person..he just doesn't know it. Wednesday, at 9 p.m. I got a phone call from him. Could I bring him some gas. !!??!! So, I got the gas can, and headed to fill it. I COULDN"T OPEN IT! Had to come back home and have hubby open it...I had even asked someone at the gas station if he could open it and he couldn't. STRONG hubby! LOL So, off I go....I took the turn I was supposed to and kept going and going and going. Thank God I had phone service, because I ended up getting stuck in some snow that was deeper than I thought. Oh, man! I tried really hard not to get scared....out all alone -- in the dark -- in the forest. I guess I didn't see him pulled off a side road. I called hubby and he had to get out of bed to come help me...he got there right at 11 o'clock! I was just getting ready to call him again *my phone was almost dead, too*, I was giving him to 11..I didn't know if he was actually coming or not, cause I lost his call. #1 son had taken off walking, so, I had to give him and the dog a ride back to his place. WHAT A NIGHT.....I was soooo happy to get my butt home!

I was on a spending frenzy last week, that's for sure. Man, I gotta get some more AVON customers or get another part-time job! I NEED MONEY!
I finally made the decision to buy a CRICUT! Yippee! I think it will be here tomorrow. I bought it on EBAY, NEW, with 2 cartridges for $250 including shipping! I got a Stampin Up order in Friday. I also found the neatest stamp place online.
If you love to stamp or make cards, check out my new favorite place. Rubber Stamp Tapestry
I ordered Tuesday night and it was here Thursday!!! From North Carolina!! I love my stuff! Then, Saturday, before we left for Payson, I ordered a Mega and Giga Punch and some other things from the sale at Addicted to Scrapbooking! WHEW!!! I can't look at another thing! *altho, I have another Stampin' Up order to send in! LOL*

Saturday, hubby took off work and we went to see his mom at the care center. She'd been in the hospital for a weeping skin tear and her legs were so swollen..come to find out, she had a blot clot. They put a 'green filter' in her big thigh vein to stop any more clots that might be in there, as the blood thinner might loosen them. She spent almost a whole week in the hospital, and had gotten back to the care center Friday. We were shocked to see her in the condition she was in. Not good at all... I had to go outside for fresh air *I hate breathing the air in those places, and come to find out they have a flu epidemic on that ward...both ends!* We spoke to her nurse for quite awhile and came to the conclusion that it's time to put her on hospice....She is so tired of this fight for life...She'll be 83 in November. She's been in the care center for just about 2 years, now. We met up with hubby's aunt and her husband and a cousin and his family, for dinner at Chili's. We had a nice visit, under the circumstances. Altho, I got a call from the care center 1/2 through the meal...MIL wasn't doing well....they put her on oxygen, did a couple breathing treatments and put her on pain meds. The nurse said she seemed to be doing a bit better.
Today, we thought the Dr. was going to evaluate her for hospice, but, her sister emailed and said when she called they said the Dr. would get back with them. pfft
MIL already has all of her funeral arrangements taken care of *since 1988 when her husband died, she did all of that right after*. I have talked to the funeral home a couple of times recently to know what to do. Tomorrow, I'll go over to the little house, all of her clothes are still in the closet. I am hoping I can find a nice blouse to take when the time comes. I am also going to get some photos together to put on a board for display at the funeral home. I know none of the boys *her kids* will know what to do, so, this will be the last I will have to do...ugh
I need to sign off and go shower. I feel the need to crochet to unwind...
count your blessings...


Martha said...

WOW Wee, It sounds like you've got my kind of luck. Does your husband get real cranky when you do stuff for your boys? My Dad gets mad at my mom when she helps any of us and I can see Ray acting like my Dad. He says I pamper Adam too much now at 13. LOL Men! I hate nursing homes they smell like pee pee and they are so sad it sucks the life out of me. I got your scratch off card I lost! LOL That was fun I am sick though and I haven't been able to go buy my cards yet. I went back to dr. today and just wanted to hurry and get out of Kroger as fast as I could. It's this same mess I had before it just came back with avengence! She gave me Augmenten this time and that always helps me so I should be fine in a day. I should have sent you an email! Ha.
Love you!

Susan Walton said...

Hello Sherrybee! What a beautiful blog site you have! ...and you are so sweet to mention my stamp line and make my business sound so wonderful...thank you!!! I appreciate the link and I have added your link to my blog site as well. Thanks again and I am looking forward to visiting your blog again soon!