Friday, March 27, 2009

back to the real world...

This week was a just seemed to buzz right by!
I don't even remember what I did Monday....isn't that terrible? It scares me! I need to take more vinegar~Bragg's Natural Apple Cider vinegar with a bit of honey in a small glass of water. That stuff REALLY helps me! I take it for what I call 'brain fog'. It's also great for your joints, your blood vessels/veins, keeps cholesterol in check, and on and a search or go to Braggs' website. My youngest son, when he was facing a test in high school, would say "mom, make me some of that stuff". I love to take it the night before I need to get up early, too. It just gets me bright-eyed and busy tailed! LOL
I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the scrapbook store. It's been pretty slow, so, it gave me time to get things ready for my very FIRST Stampin' Up workshop.
I had to drive 30+ miles one way (at night, which I hate!). It's not over yet, but, let's just say the hostess had 10-12 people there and when I left there was only ONE order for $15. I thought I did a really great job and had 3 fun projects for them, so, that's all I'm gonna say on that...
It's been really windy around here all week, and yesterday, about 4:00, it started SNOWING!!! By 7-ish, it was over, and we had a beautiful 8 inches of the white stuff! We have the weirdest weather! I absolutely LOVE snowy, blustery days/nights. I love the change, I guess. This is what it looked like this morning:

I'm not the best cardmaker, but, here are some cards I made this week..some are pretty basic, for the workshop.

Gotta get busy and clean house, get laundry going and deliver some AVON after the roads are a bit more clear.
I have the urge to bake something, too....hmmmmm, what will that be?
count your blessings...

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Martha said...

I love your cards. I'm too shy to teach a class or go to peoples houses for the parties. I don't know how you do it. You can keep that snow. Yucky I'm sick of the cold. Florida was such nice weather. I got some sun and came home to yucky cold and jeans again!