Friday, February 20, 2009


WHEW! It's almost over with...I still have some numbness in my chin and lower cheek. Weird! I ended up having a root canal on the tooth Wednesday. I decided to do the RC, since I didn't need a crown on it, only a filling. So, that saved well over $600. So instead of the intial $1502 *with 15% discount*, it will be be $683.....????!!??? I agonized over the decision of pulling vs. root canal---that was almost as bad as the pain! I still have to go back Monday for the permanent filling to be put in.
Here's a few pictures of some cards I had made before Valentines Day, and when I worked last.
I'm still on the hunt for organizing solutions to my craft room for the scrapbooking section. I may run to Walmart and Home Depot tomorrow or Tuesday and get SOMETHING that will work.
I'm off to work on the doily from hell.....this is the hardest project I've come across in a long time.

count your blessings...

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Martha said...

Great cards. You do such good work.
Your poor tooth situation. That whole thing just sucks. I'm glad it's almost over with.