Saturday, February 7, 2009

Love these colors!

Wednesday, #1 son and I had to go to Globe for 'business'. When I took him back to his place, the sun was just setting over this pond. See the geese? By the time I had driven around it, it was practically covered with duck and geese!
I love it!

Hubby is working again today. I put a big ole pork roast in the crockpot with garlic and carrots. I can smell it already...yummy. He'll be happy when he walks in the door tonight. I'm also making some brownie bites for a little dessert.

I finished up a red shawl for my friend, and forgot to get a picture before I gave it to her, when we met for breakfast on Tuesday. I mailed off the little blue star baby afghan for my cousins new grandson. I also participated in a dishcloth swap. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my puffy.

The weatherman is telling us to expect rain and/or up to 20" of snow, down to 2500'.
Well, we'll see!

Have a fun day and count your blessings!

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Martha said...

Thank You so much for my card Sherry. I really do love it. That picture is so pretty. It doesn't even seem real. I want to live near you, but your weather sounds awful. You'll have to move to TN to be near me. LOL