Friday, February 13, 2009

...still suffering

It's not that I'm a huge baby or anything, but, geez! I am ready for this tooth business to be done with!
I had the dentist office call me in a prescription for some pain meds *Tylenol 3*, I don't like that other stuff that makes me sick to my stomach*. It was cutting it, so, I was taking that and an 800mg Ibuprofen about every 2 1/2 - 4 hours. Pain and misery! The pain was up to 9.5 (with 10 being full body pain, so, it was bad). My face looked like a baseball was in my mouth by Thursday morning. I was dreading what he might do at the appointment. Right as the assistant was looking at me, she said these kind of infections are bad. Within the past 5 years, the dental industry is seeing lots of people dying from them because they get 'SupeBugs' that the antibiotics won't work on. I was left in the room alone freaking out! I hadn't been taking my blood pressure meds for 2 days and my heart seemed to be pounding. The dentist told me the tooth had DIED! AND, that he would have to get that infection drilling into the tooth! ACK I was afraid that was what he would want to do, but, it wasn't that bad. (Have to go back later, and I've decided I'll have it pulled. It's loose and the bone is already deteriorating. It's a small molar, and, the weird thing is that I have no fillings or cavities on that side.)
Now, the pain comes and goes and the swelling, too. It started up again a few minutes ago, so, I'm typing with a big icepack on my face!
I did go work at the scrapbook store from 2-5 today. I knew it would be a slow, easy day. I had debated about it in the morning, but, by noon, I was feeling pretty good.
I work tomorrow from 10-4. I hope it's a good day and I can make it. The owner is having a big celebration/going away for her husband and a bunch of military people. Her husband is deploying in a week or two. (They haven't even given him an acccurate date!?)
So, that's my catch-up.
count your blessings...

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Martha said...

I hate you had to go through all that pain. I'm so sorry.