Friday, April 4, 2008

an unexpected trip

Well, I talked to my mom this morning. She has to have surgery April 21 to fix/repair a large stint in a vein running from her neck to her leg, or she is facing the loss of her leg(s). She's OK, but, my brother that moved back to our hometown and is living with her is out of town for training for his new job and then, making a flight back to Boise for some business with his house back there. She will be alone until he gets back Tuesday sometime, so, I'm heading out tomorrow and will come home Wednesday.
I will probably go back the 23rd and stay for awhile til she gets recuperated well.
What a thing, this growing old stuff.... She will be 76 in June.
In the summer of 2003, she was healthy as a horse, newly retired and BAM...on death's door. She was a HEAVY smoker and her veins are ruined, her colon is in bad shape, ugh, ugh, ugh Needless to say, she no longer smokes! LOL What a way to quit!
I'm going to take my laptop with me, but, I imagine we will stay busy. She's not ill or housebound.
~~On another note....I was on the phone a good portion of the morning again. I guess you could say I made a bit of progress. I also met hubby on the highway after his short 8-hour workday and we headed to the county seat to file the QuitClaim Deed on MIL's house...scary business that is! The people in those offices were NOT as helpful as the ones in the county where her other house was sold that way. It's done,, to wait til the papers are recorded and returned to us, so, I can send it all on to the State for finalization on Dorothy's case. Did I say how scary this is?????
After that was all done, hubby talked me into stopping for an early supper at a Mexican food place there. I REALLY wanted a Margarita, but, they didn't have mixed drinks there and I also had to drive part of the way....dang! So, when we got home I CLEANED OFF THE PAPERS from the table FINALLY!!! YAY! Then, I sat and drank a glass of wine! That's one little bit of a burden off of, on to the next!
Going to my moms will hopefully, be a bit of a breather for me. I need to get out of this house and away from some of the crap that's going on here.
Well, time for my shower and to bed for me!
count your blessings...


Lea said...

Gosh do have so much on your plate! Praying things go well with your mom.. give updates when you can..


Angel said...

Sherry.. I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY chickie! I know youre life is all over the place right now but I hope you can take some time out and celebrate your day.
Fill it with love, laughter and CAKE :P
talk soon

Nancze said...

Hey Sherry! Well I know it's been ages since I stopped by and I'm sorry, but I was ill and in the hospital the first of march and then was so depressed afterwards that I didn't email or blog for almost a whole month! I am doing better, I have my days, but we all do, don't we? I will pray for your mom, that she will go through her surgery just fine and get better quickly. Think of you so often. Sorry I am not a better friend in visiting. I will try to do better. Love and ~hugs~

Shannon said...

I hope things are better for your mom .....