Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Me...

I worked at the scrapbook store, Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.
Monday, I had to run over to Show Low and I paid off MIL's house....SCARY STUFF! We used our home equity line to do it. Now, Friday, hubby will have to take off work early, so, we can go to the courthouse and get it put in our name..... It's really depressing...and the scary part is making sure it's all done right, according to what the state wants, so, she doesn't get booted out of Long Term care.
I got my Avon order turned in this morning and have a lady to get hired. She only speaks Spanish, so, her daughter will have to be there to interpret. Thank goodness, the lady has sold AVON before.
I got a bunch of bills paid off with my 'work' earnings, so, since I just printed off a 20% birthday certificate for the scrapbook store, I'm going to get me some 'stuff'! LOL I've had my eye on some big ticket items, so, now's a great time to go shopping!
The weather is fingers are freezing, guess I'll build a lil fire and do my errands and shopping.

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