Thursday, April 3, 2008

some stash...


I got a ton of fun stuff at the scrapbooking store! In these pictures you'll see the TOTE-ALLY cool tote *I sold 3 of them Saturday, thank goodness there was one left for me, altho, I wanted the cool blue camo one with the carousel base, but, this will work*, my Marvy Cutter with a free handheld cutter included, an extra scoring blade, an extra scallop blade, a 24-count plastic embellishment container, a cute little chickie clear stamp, some vellum glue dots, 3 packs of star embellishments, 10 packs of stick-on rhinestones, 8 camping/4-wheeling 12x12's, 2 different camping/outdoors puffy diecut page embellishments, and 8 hunting/outdoor 12x12's, 4 western 12x12's and one dog 12x12 paper. I saved $25 with my birthday 20%off special and didn't go much over my expected $100 budget. I put it on my AVON credit card, tho, so, no worries for a month! hehehe ahhhhh, I'm happy with my haul. She had just gotten a ton of new stuff in, but, I've had my eye on these papers and also needed the 2 bigger items. The new stuff will have to wait! LOL
When I got home, I was on the phone for 2 hours with different people about financial mumbo jumbo and MIL 'stuff'...ugh! I need a personal assistant! I'm ready to QUIT! The worst part about it, is that I didn't really get much accomplished with the calls and still have more to make tomorrow. BLECK
Well, I'm pretty burned out for the day, so, I think I'll do some crocheting to unwind, gulp my Apple Cider Vinegar cocktail and hit the sack.
count your blessings...

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Angela & Barry said...

ohhh nice.. wish I could scrapbook..don't know where to start though.

Well we are all moved in!
I linked your blog to mine k?