Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow and Road Rage

....this was written Saturday a.m.
I am at the trailer and it dawned on me, that maybe, I could write a post in Notepad and upload it when I could get a connection. *CRS, maybe Lynne told me that!*
I will try it and see if I can get it to co-operate with me.

I left Friday, about 1:45, after I had gotten my big AVON order keyed in. I was amazed to see SNOW in Alpine, but, only on one side of town! LOL I had to look serveral times to be sure that was what I was seeing! First snow of the year. I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me, really. Alpine is at 8500+' elevation and it was 42 degrees!
It's been so dry! But, we did have a lil bit of rain Thursday night....can you count .02"? LOL
~~~I've never really dealt with 'road rage' before, but, I guess I did driving here. I was following a red Ford *some kind of lil pickup*. He was going under the speed limit and we were about 2 miles out of a little hamlet town of Glenwood. Double lines due to the nature of the road, so, I was just mosying along. I noticed he had a black license plate--something I've never seen--thinking maybe he had been a POW vet. He put his arm out the window and motioned for me to go around or something. I thought he was pointing to the double lines...I dunno. He did that 3 times. No way, was I going to pass. I got a ticket on that road, just inside the New Mexico border, so, I'm pretty cautious on that part of the road *even in the 50mph section, where I got my ticket. What a speed trap!* I figured he would pull off or move over, or even get off the road in Glenwood. I wasn't concerned about anything in particular.
We reached the first place in town where he could pull off and he did, in a hurry with dust flying. And, as I went past him, he FLIPPED ME OFF!!! GRRRRR I pulled off the road, right in front of him... I think I half intended in getting out, which could have been Stoopid. I turned around to look at him, and he pulled up beside me. I only saw the passenger, an older guy with a graying beard. I hollered, "You expect me to pass on a double line?" and they pulled off. I don't know what pissed me off more. Him flipping me off, or me not getting the chance to tell him off about flipping me off! How freaking rude!
I had to follow him a bit longer, after we got out of town. I wondered if he was driving slower on purpose. I finally, got to a point where I could pass him. I made myself feel a lil better when I flipped him off as big and HARD as I could! LOL
My blood boiled for quite awhile after that...GRRRRR I am one that doesn't cuss much, or say the 'F' word or flip people off. If I ever say the F-Bomb, you better take cover! And, I think I've only flipped a bird less than a handful of times in my life. ~~~ my bad ~~~
I did keep hoping he had noticed my Red/White/Blue flag license plate *that I had to buy at the MVD* with my PROUD AIR FORCE MOM license plate holder! GRRRR

I finished the rest of my 2 hour drive singing off-key, at the top of my lungs! hehehe ahhhhh! Nothing like road trips! *yeah, right!*

I got to Safford right at 5, so, hubby and I met at Golden Corral for supper. It was really great food, I was impressed. So impressed that I made a pig of myself! lol But, not as bad as hubby! I don't know how he eats so much for him being so skinny! I know he burns a TON of calories everyday, tho. I was miserable all night long. Bad combination of eating SO much, SO late! And, I knew better. It's 9:45 the next morning and I still feel's just not moving. When I'm at home by myself, I try to eat my biggest 'meal' as early as possible, sometimes, that's at lunch. I've found I feel alot better that way, PLUS, I dropped about 5 pounds last week when I was home doing that!
Hubby gets off early today and has tomorrow off. I'd like to take a drive up into the Graham mountains where they have an obseratory. They had a bad fire there about 4 years ago.
I've got stuff to make tacos for supper tonight, so, it should be a RELAXING evening together for once.

I just turned in my first STAMPIN' UP order Thursday. I'm really excited to get my stuff back! I love creating cards with all that stuff and I am hoping to make my Christmas cards with some of what I ordered.

I guess that's all for today. I think I'll do some cleaning and go for a walk.

count your blessings...

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