Wednesday, November 14, 2007

catching up....

I've got some pictures to share from when I was AWOL...
Moving the trailer.....

We left here:
And got here:
With this:

When hubby finished up his job, we had went to Willcox for Rex Allen Days for 3 days, then, back to the trailer. He took the week off to get things done and to get the trailer moved, and to recuperate! But, hubby does NOT know how to enjoy a DAY OFF!! He loaded stuff up and brought home, we were home for a few days and he went to see his Mom. Friday night--LATE, we went back to Clifton to get the trailer moved on Saturday.
Beings that it was the first time to pull this trailer, we decided to go the low road instead of over the mountain, to see how the truck handled this trailer and such. It was about 20 miles farther, around 65 total mileage. All was good -- we thought -- until hubby was pulling into the trailer park. A guy yelled at him to STOP! The tire was making a terrible racket! When we FINALLY got it pulled into our space, we were down to ONE lugnut on one of the tires! OH MY GOSH!!!! And, this was basically a brand new trailer! SKEERY! Could have been worse......

We really like the spot we have now! Take a look at those trees! Hubby's luck he'll be out of there by summer or something! LOL We are paying $275 plus our own electric, compared to $140 and electric at the old spot. Hubby is only 10 miles from the jobsite, tho. The town we are in now, Safford, is much bigger--compared to what we are used to. Lots of good places to eat and some good, fun places to shop. It's a BIG, SMALL town! LOL The BIGGEST downside to being in this spot is: NO INTERNET!!!!! Holy Crap! How am I gonna survive!?! We are seriously talking about getting a broadband card, but, I HATE the idea of another $60 a month for technology, not to mention a TWO YEAR CONTRACT! YUCK!!! I made myself sick for about 3 days TRYING to see what other options we would have. So, the only thing that works is to sit along the side of the road in front of the trailer park, or go sit in the parking lot of the motel/restaurants in town...and it's TOO HOT STILL to be doing that! decisions, decisions.....

One of our most favorite restaurants has this in the entrance. It's the inside of a Saguaro cactus! It's wood!

FRED threw a lil temper tamprum and had to have a transmission line replaced. Hubby lost 2 days of work because of that! Big drawback to having to depend on a truck for your livlihood. Hubby couldn't locate the part, so, we loaded up to Phoenix to get what he needed.

We saw various cactus all along the way, but, this lil mountain was just LOADED with looked like they were just sprinkled onto it! Most of these were very healthy, too. It's sad to see the ones that are almost ready to topple over because of the decay at their base. Occassionally, you'll see one with many arms, but, the majority of them are not too full. Still, they are majestic, to me.

The next day, hubby was still waiting for FRED to be ready at the shop. We were there at 5 to pick it up and THEY HADN'T EVEN STARTED ON IT!!!! Boy, hubby was pissed, so, he ended up having to repair it in THEIR SHOP YARD!!! Brother! Time for a new mechanic! NOW, FRED has a brake line leak! Talk about tempermental! Hubby has it all lined up for a different shop to work on it Saturday after he gets off work. Little things here and there....we are just keeping our fingers crossed that FRED holds up his end of the bargain for the 12 days of OT through Thanksgiving.
I'm off for awhile to work on my Stampin' Up and AVON orders.

...count your blessings

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