Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lots of 'STUFF'

Happy Teddy Bear Day! Isn't this little siggy KEY-ute! It was a gift from Ela. She's such a sweetie!

Wow! So much has been going on, I hardly know where to start!
The biggest and BEST news is that My Jeffrey was HOME from Tuesday, the 2nd, til yesterday. He can be as sweet and as ornery as can be, but, I still LOVE him to pieces! hehehe I drove to right outside of Phoenix and got him---an Air Force buddy picked him up from the airport and drove him that far. THANK YOU GABE! We got to the house about 8:30 that evening...what a long day! 4 hours of driving each way.

~~~Wednesday, the 3rd, I finally decided I better go to the Dr. I had noticed Sunday, I think, I was getting 'something' erupting on my face....it was AWFUL! And, since it was so weird, I finally went in..not having insurance SUCKS, but, hopefully, that's gonna change here real soon. Anyway, the Dr. said it was Shingles. I didn't know anything about Shingles until now. Evidently, it was a good thing I went in after all...she wrote me a script for an anti-viral...$222 for 21 pills! HOLY CRAP! It's finally better, but, I look like a teenager with a BAD case of pimples on the left side of my face. The drug store owes me 7 pills yet and I've got to get home this evening before they close get them. ACK!
Wednesday night, Jeffrey BBQ'ed me the BEST steak! He was so proud that he knows how to BBQ and HAD to cook for his momma! It was a wonderful dinner. We had a great day all day long on Wednesday. I was happy as can be, he stayed home with me all day and even went to the store with me. awwwwwww

~~~Thursday, the 4th, we loaded up and drove hubby's Dodge to the trailer. Jeffrey had plans to party down with his big brother and brother's friend from Vegas. The left for Willcox when we got there, for a headstart on Rex Allen Days celebrating! This is the first time those 2 brothers were able to go drinking together since Jeffrey has been 21....last May! Oh my! What's a mother to do???
The reason we drove the truck down is because hubby's job in Morenci is FINALLY done and they were transferring him to Safford. He's got some pipe and stuff to haul home.
After the boys left, hubby and I went out for a nice relaxing dinner. He was SOOOOO tired and so ready to get OUT OF THERE *the job*. He went to work, Friday, til noon when he got his checks. We loaded up and he drove FRED into the transmission place in Safford. We looked for a trailer spot in town and found one---with SHADE!!! woohoo! We were pretty worried we wouldn't be able to find a spot, since that town is LOADED with construction workers now that the NEW copper mine is underway there. Supposed to be at least 3 years work for them, right there. After we got the trailer spot in our name, we headed to Willcox, where my mom had made a HUGE roaster full of green chile from EL TACO's *a restaurant my mom and dad owned for 20 years* recipe. It was hubby's 54rd birthday, Friday, so, I stopped and got his birthday cake when we hit town. Of course, it HAD to be a construction cake! A birthday AND the end to an 18 month job! We were too tired to go anywhere that night, so, we went to the motel and to bed by 9:30.

OOPS! We are on our way home NOW....
to be continued........WITH pictures...........bye!


Nancze said...

Hi Sherry! How wonderful your son is home for a visit and cooked for you! Oh my I'm so sorry you have shingles and on your face. I hope it's not to painful. I hope you get insurance soon. I'd be totally lost without it. Thinking of you. Hope you are having a good week. Love and ~hugs~

Monique said...

Congratulations with hubby !!!! Wow you have been busy.
I hope you're feeling much better now.
Have a great day !!!

Monique said...

Just dropping by to wish you a great weekend, have fun !!