Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm ALIVE, I promise!

Well, life has been ... umm.... interesting, to say the least!
I have missed blogging, but, sometimes, you just don't wanna tell people EVERYTHING....ykwim?? You never know who is reading your 'stuff', so, sometimes, I just clam up.

I intend to 'try' to get back in the blog groove, tho!

Enjoy the last remnants of summer, wherever you are!
*Where are you anyway??? Leave me a comment*

SherryBee in AZ


Kari said...

Hi Sherry!
I've been MIA myself... so much going on, and the CHANGES... well, they are Changes :)


Monique Elisabeth said...

Hi Sherry,
so great to hear from you. I hope you're ok !!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Marisha said...

Just stopping in to welcome you to Country Friends around the World :)
Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

It's understandable! We all get behind, especially in the summer! Who wants to spend all day inside on a nice summer day? Summer is time for outdoor recreation. It's time for camping, and relaxing on the lawn or patio on your favorite piece of outdoor furniture.