Sunday, May 24, 2009

Check out my new ETSY shop!

I am so happy! I FINALLY got my ETSY shop up! Please, go visit'll see the little gallery to the right. Hubby is out-of-work, so, hopefully, I can generate some grocery money with it.
Leave me a lil comment, please???
I'll try to get back later tonight or in the morning with a HUGE catch-up since, I got home from California visiting with #2 son, WITH pictures!
count your blessings...


laurie said...

Wow those are you make those little crochet flowers for cards?

SherryBee said...

Laurie....YES! I am in the process of getting some ready to list....
Life just keeps getting in the way! LOL
THANK YOU for visiting me!
How did you find me? Just curious...
Have a great day!
SHerryBee in AZ